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Laser Game Indonesia


  1. What is Laser Games?

Laser Games is a high-tech revolutionary new indoor strategic team based game. Also known as "electronic" paintball and similar in concept to Paintball Games, however Laser Game is twice as fast and exciting.  Each team member is equipped with infrared phaser and sensor vest. Players shoot an invisible and harmless infrared beam similar to the one used in your TV remote control. Teams are assigned missions to complete like "Disarm the Bomb”, "Hostage Rescue" or "Capture The Flag". We may customize a variety of missions for every level player. All missions and scenarios are played in our glow in the dark with full blasted fun music play arena.

     2.   Who can play Laser Games?

Anyone starting from 8 years old to 88 years old; male and female, boys and girls.  There is no pain and no paint in this game.  Our game is safe for kids, friendly for girls, and yet challenging for boys and men.

   3.   How do the guns function?

The game system has been built around a safe, robust and reliable high-tech infrared combat system with weapons we called phaser. Laser Game phasers'  range outstrips paintball markers or air soft guns. The phasers have and an integrated grenade launcher/ scatter gun round. Our SMGs and machine pistols are formidable due to their lightweight and maneuverability. With an effective range in excess of 150 meters, realistic digitised sounds and multiple modes of fire this is technology with attitude!

  4.   What can I expect when I arrive to Laser Game?

After an Equipment & Safety Briefing, your marshal will lead you through our glow-in-the-dark play arena.  Then all you have to expect is just fun, fun, and more fun.

   5.   What do I wear underneath my camouflage gear and what else do I bring with me?

We recommend that you wear casual and comfortable clothing and shoes.

   6.   What happens if it is pouring rain?

It's indoor!

   7.   I have played Paintball before and was covered in bruises for weeks afterwards - does Laser Game hurt?!

No not at all! The only thing that hurts is when you have to finish the game or if you run into another player!

  8.   When I played Paintball before, I ended up spending quite a lot of money on extra Paintballs - are there any hidden  costs with Laser Games?

No! Your gun(phaser) is loaded with enough lives to get you through your game.  When you get tagged, your phaser will disactivated for 4seconds, then you will get back to the track.  At the end of the game, we will print you a score form that display how each played did in details.

  9.    What sort of groups do you cater for?

We cater for small or big groups; Corporate Fun or Relaxing Program, Team Buildings, Birthday Parties and even Arisan Package.