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Laser Game presents a new exciting interactive shooting game for all ages, whether with familiesfriends, children (Mnimum age 8+ years old) and corporate colleagues: LASER GAME! We always recommend to give us a phone call 1 hour before your arrival for a better scheduling or to simply book a date. Have fun! 


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Thursday: Ladies' night! 


We use a combination of sensors, laser technology, and customized software to make the experience as surreal as a computer game.

Even the theme is partly inspired by computer games. Our briefing room is done in a spaceship theme and filled with specially designed vests that have blinking sensors that players will wear during a game.


As the game begins, the 2 teams enter the darkened, black-lit arena. Music and lighting effects set the stage. The players tag their opponents with blasts of red phaser beams. When you get zapped, you simply re-energize, and get back into battle. 

This is not about war... It is more a strategic tagging game. There is no pain and no paint in this game! 

Our game is safe for kids, friendly for girls, and yet challenging for boys. We offer the fun experience in an airconditioned game arena.

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Come and experience the fun and the excitement of the highest technology gun game available in Jakarta!

  • Why girls/women love it? "It’s fun! You get to burn calories while having fun with your kids/your boyfriends
  • Why kids love it? "It’s more than fun! Because they  feel like they’re inside a video game and among their friends." It's perfect for Birthday kids!
  • Corporate Outing! "A great, fun experience for everybody, easy to organize with a very fair budget!"